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BOS/SRT 04-14-2011 07:43 AM

Decided to upgrade stock speakers
Well, you guys know i've just about fatmat'd the entire car, except the roof (soon). As I mentioned the sound difference is awesome and made a huge improvement from exterior noise, no vibrations and stereo sound quality. Someone mentioned that I should upgrade my overall system, which I planned on that anyways, but had more cosmetic mods to finish first. I've gone through the high end stereo upgrades before, but it's been about 10 yrs since and felt after that point that it was a waist, because I of course traded that car in and lost most of what was put in, except my Mac amps (cant find :().

So, I have BIG plans for a custom setup and rear enclosure, including some cool ideas that I hope will work. I'm still not ready to dive into this, but want to spend some change on temporarily improving my sound. I shopped around and boy prices have gone down. I'm starting off with upgrading the front/rear 6X9's to 6.5", which I know will give better sound. I'm not ready to upgrade the stock amps, so that limits me on what I can do. I went with a 2 ohm, which doesn't need an amp, 4 ohm would (next upgrade). There are Infinity Kappa 2 - 3 way and JBL 2 - 3 way. Being that I'm a big house head (music), I know the DJ's and clubs tend to use JBL's. I've had Kappas before and liked them, but I feel the JBL's 2 way are a better match for me. I also went with JBL's 3.5" 2 way for the front tweeters. I didn't go with 3 ways, because I'm just looking to add/upgrade my mid and tweeter sound, not looking to add more bass (yet). I'll have the 6.5" today and 3.5 with adapter bracket tomorrow. I hope to install these tomorrow or this weekend. I'll try to take video of the difference and install pix.

Planning for overall upgrade is in the works and hope to start fabricating trunk setup soon. :)

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