View Full Version : OFFICIALLY - Fully QB'd

04-11-2010, 11:27 PM
Well last week my box came in from Brian, the last of my fuild swap, along with some other goodies. Once again, Brian was able to fit all perfectly in one box.
i hope to have the tran fluid replaced by wed, along with all 4 moog tie rod end replacements and alignment.
list of order:
Quantum Blue ATF+4++ Special Transmission Fluid
Quantum Blue Metal Anti-Corrosion Dry Lubricant Spray
Quantum Blue Vinyl and Leather cleaner
Quantum Blue Vinyl and Leather protector
Quantum Blue Summer Windshield and Cleaner Fluid
ACES Grease Tube
Brian, Thanks again and naturally will be talking to you soon, um, tomorrw, lol...

here's the list from my previous order, fluids have already been changed to QB.
-Quantum Blue oil
-Quantum Blue oil filter
-Quantum Blue power steering fluid
-Quantum Blue coolant
-Quantum Blue rear diff fluid