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Default I Started The Front Suspension/Disc Brake Upgrade. A Few Pics
Well,, after working my Azz off at work and being sick for over a week...I finally started the Suspension/Disc Brake Upgrade. Once again, working by myself weak as a little boy I beat the shite out of those ball joints which I am willing to bet are original...I got all but one. For those that don't know, this is on my 66 Chevy truck project which I converted the manual steering to power and now changing almost all the front suspension parts with a bit of a drop (front & rear) and Disc brake upgrade (front & rear). I still need to get the last ball joint off and remove the A arms to replace the bushings/media you can see the underside is covered in years of dirt. Here are a few pics...I like the last one of the new tie rod ends with the turn buckles...Purdy!!
more to come.

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