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Car Model: Dodge
Year: 2006
Engine: 5.7 hemi
Unhappy Help with my pressure....
Please forgive me for the newbie question, I am new to the hemi world.
I have an 06 Mag 5.7 hemi with a cold air intake being the only mod besides 2 18 inch glass packs in place of the stock suitcase muffler..

I like the sound at w.o.t. But the idle and low rpm are a poor showing for a Hemi. So I tried removing the rear resonators, awesome sound but no back pressure the drone didn't really bother me but the loss of low end trq and overall response does... So my question is how can I keep that sound without sacrificing as much back pressure as the stock resonators apparently give?? Would adding a j-bend on the ends and smaller diameter help/be enough?
If anyone else has any incite on this back pressure issue without buying a 600 plus cat-back system, I would most appreciate it..
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