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BOS/SRT 04-14-2010 07:23 PM

Mod list for Summer
- Killer glass radiator hose with red led, ordered and should be here this weekend, from my boy 36Chambers. Will install asap..
- Next wed, swapping out Tran fluid to BND Quantum Blue Tran fluid and replace all 4 front tie rod ends with moog, plus alignment.
- HID fogs on truck.
- Billet Technology replacing door sill plates to designer series with BOS (skull/crossbones) SRT and maybe visor diguisers. Also looking into they're swith plate.. (on order)
- Carbon by Design 6k carbon fiber roof overlay. i hope to have it done within a couple months. Once i get the cf roof on, i will be running the ralley stripes all the way to the back. (in the works)
- Danko new one peice spoiler, srt Danko chin spoiler and next year i hope, Danko front clip. May have Mo wrap spoiler and chin in cf, working on it with him.
- DMH low profile electic cutouts (working on it)
- Redfox-Racing custom speedo's (working on it)
- SPC front upper control arm camber adj and both set rear camber bushings
- within a couple weeks i will be repainting my fascia and painting the headlights dark titanium.
- Stack Performance or Razors Edge rear 4 point strut tower brace and Razors matrix brace.
- rockers, currently shopping for the right fit for my ride, leaning towards Grip of course, but we'll see.
- Fatmat the rest of the floor and roof when cf roof goes in.
- painting all light cream color panels to match slate. parts of the dash and top of the doors (currently slate) will be wrapped in neffywrap. the roof still undecided on which direction to go with, but i have several options. (working on it)

well that's it so far, but i'm sure i'll be adding more, lol............. wait till you see what i got going for next year..................going to be so frk'n sweet!!!!

Vito99 01-07-2011 04:45 PM

Jimmy is your Manifold powdered ?

dwalker79 09-11-2011 12:25 PM

I'm ready to do a CAI and a Cat-back system. I'm going to dyno the car before and after each mod. Anyone have any idea how long I should give the computer to adjust itself to the mod before doing the next dyno? I know some people have strong opinions about disconnecting the battery or pulling fuses...

dwalker79 09-14-2011 08:46 AM

Got my Dyno done at Leading Edge Performance. They primarily work GM, so there was a learning curve for both of us. First we had to figure out how to get a timing signal for the torque feed. Turns out the blue wire to the coil pack is the one. Next, we weren't sure if turning off ESP would allow the run--it did, although some cars apparently still won't. Next, we assumed 4th gear is 1:1 and tried a run in 4th. However, we ran into the speed limiter and that set dropped out at 4k RPM. So we did two runs in 3rd gear; the first showed 319HP/344FP, the second after a 10 minute cool down showed 328/356. These numbers won't work for absolute comparisons, but I'm primarily using these numbers for a benchmark. I'm off to get my exhaust done this morning.

dwalker79 09-14-2011 09:54 PM

Exhaust is done and it sounds good. I've noticed some drone at about 1300RPM when in MDS, but it's not bad. I'm going to wait 'til next week to re-dyno. I'm taking a 200 mile trip, so that should give the computer time to settle.

Panther 09-15-2011 04:13 PM

I like drone personally, weird, I know. lol

dwalker79 09-24-2011 08:25 PM

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Got my second dyno and only gained 1 hp. The weather was considerably different and that could be a factor. It doesn't really matter, though, 'cause even if it lost power it sounds too good to take back off. I tried to install the K&N CAI but it doesn't fit. (see pic.) Went to Dodge to get the Mopar CAI, but they sold me the wrong one and strangely enough it didn't fit either:) I can pull the stock intake out it under a minute and put it back in just over one:)

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